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     7th Grade Nature's Classroom Trip October 2004


Our trip to Nature’s Classroom was one I will never forget. We did so many activities like dissecting sharks, quiet sings, games and watching seals on the beach. The best part was being in “field group.” My field group leader was Meadow. She took us to different locations like in the field or the forest. One of the activities we did was a blind hike. We had partners that would guide us through the woods the whole time, but the whole time I couldn’t see. At the end of each day we would have a nighttime activity and quiet sing. This will be a trip we will never forget.  -Jesse



The 7th grade went to Nature’s Classroom this fall. It was a fun experience for everyone. We got to play games and learn at the same time. We did projects such as dissections, sculptures and other fun activities. We ate as a “family.” Nature’s Classroom was a fun experience, and I don’t think anyone from this year’s 7th grade class will forget it.   -Lauren