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Rama Project

November 2, 2006 brought KCS a program from ArtsAlive, interpreted and performed by Rachna Agrawal and Tom Lee.  Entitled The Rama Project, it featured a story told by Mr. Lee and interpreted through dance (the continued theme of ArtsAlive), performed by Ms. Agrawal.  The main theme of the story was the development of character and the importance of teamwork in the face of adversities.  During the weeks before the performance, ArtsAlive provided art prints for viewing that related to Indian culture and posted them on the bulletin board in the front hallway.  Students also gave a “fact of the day” about India during morning announcements.


The art of India is very ornate, meaning that fine details are included in the work.  Paintings and prints like those seen on the ArtsAlive bulletin board showed figures in a scene telling a story or in a setting from Indian legends.  Colors in Indian art are bright and are used to highlight the pictures.  Other art forms include fabric painting that uses carved woodblocks to stamp designs on cloth, intricately detailed silver pieces, wood and stone carvings and highly decorated architecture.

Mr. Lee explained that it would take days to tell the entire story of Rama, but students loved the short segment he shared with them.

Ms. Agrawal delighted students with her demonstration of various dance techniques.
She then interpreted the story with a dance of her own creation.


Finally, Ms. Agrawal demonstrated some of the hand gestures from her dance and encouraged students to try the gestures themselves. 

In subsequent days, students responded to the performance in writing and art.


First grader, Patil, made sure to draw the bells around Ms. Agrawal’s ankles (and Mr. Lee’s friendly expression.)

Kayla asked, “Could you believe how many bells she had on each leg.”
  Stella , also in first grade, was especially impressed with Ms. Agrawal’s arm motions.  

One class wrote: 

Dear Members of the ArtsAlive Committee,
We felt like we took a mini trip to India today!
We had a wonderful time listening to Mr. Lee tell us the story of Rama. 
We also enjoyed watching Ms. Agrawal act out the events by dancing. 
We were amazed at how Ms. Agrawal used hand motions, facial expressions and body movements to make the story come to life.  The music and bells added a special touch.
Thank you for bringing this special program to Kent Center School.


Mrs. Makarewich and her third grade students

Many thanks to Mr. Lee and Ms. Agrawal for an outstanding program!