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Our Algebra 1 class was randomly grouped into pairs to solve practical application problems involving systems of linear equations.  We were directed to solve four problems each using a TI 82 graphing calculator, Green Globs
(a graphing program on our laptop computers), the substitution method, and the elimination method. On the graphing calculator, we learned to graph both lines of the system and then find the point of intersection, which is the solution to the system. We became more familiar with the program Green Globs. We practiced transforming the equations into a format that worked with Green Globs. We then learned how to determine the coordinates of the point of intersection by exploring the program. We learned to substitute and check our answers when using the substitution and elimination methods. We made several mistakes, but now have a stronger understanding of these methods. We properly rounded answers to make sense in the practical problems. We now know how to solve systems with all of these programs and methods!