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Digital storytelling was the focus for seventh grade.  Starting with a storyboard or outline, students first planned their project on paper before using Microsoft PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker.

Students added text, graphics, sound and animation to their stories and shared their first drafts with each other while offering suggestions, support and encouragement.
Each student presented their digital story using their laptop and a presenter. Seventh grade topics included original poetry, overcoming a disappointment, favorite sports figures, places to visit in New York City, and President Obama’s election.

Eighth graders used their own black and white digital photographs from last year’s poetry and photography project to create movies using Microsoft Movie Maker.


Students used a variety of Movie Maker’s tools such as transitions and photo effects and incorporated music from www.freeplaymusic.com to enhance their presentation.  They also shared advanced techniques with each other and helped troubleshoot the pacing of their multimedia presentation.  Using their laptop and the presenter, eighth graders showcased their creative efforts as they shared their movies with their class.