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Mrs. Makarewich’s third grade students recently wrote about a skill at which they are particularly talented.  Their writing covered a wide range of activities including playing hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball and football, skiing, cooking, drawing, dancing, acting in plays, making origami, swimming, skating and performing experiments.

On Friday, January 29, 2010, the children celebrated their writing by bringing in objects to share while they read their personal narratives to their classmates.  Afterwards, the students discussed what had helped them to develop their particular skill.  They agreed that encouragement by their moms, dads and coaches, hard work, lots and lots of practice and not giving up were all very important in helping them gain confidence in their abilities.

Playing Hockey
Playing Basketball
Making an Origami Box

The students’ personal narratives along with pictures they drew to illustrate their talents are now displayed on the bulletin board outside our classroom.