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Mrs. Makarewich’s third grade math students have been learning about measurement.  They had an interesting homework assignment in which they had to measure an adult’s height and arm span in inches.  During class the next day, as the children compared their height and arm span data, they discovered that the two measurements are almost equal to each other.  Mrs. Makarewich discussed with the class that the artist Leonardo da Vinci discovered this concept almost 520 years ago and was equally amazed by it.

The students then decided to test this concept on children.  They went to Mrs. Vega’s and Mrs. Robey’s kindergarten classes and measured the height and arm span of each student.  They also taught the kindergarteners how to use the measuring tape and let them have some time measuring objects in their classroom. When Mrs. Makarewich’s students compared the data from this activity, they discovered that the same rule applies to children.

Everyone agreed that measuring adults and children and then comparing the results was an exciting way to prove that your arm span is equal to your height.