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On Thursday, April 8, 2010, the fourth graders traveled to Hartford to visit the Connecticut Science Center.  The students have been studying many different topics that are related to the exciting exhibits at the science center.  The most recent topic they studied was electricity and magnetism.  All the students participated in a lab on electromagnets at the science center which was awesome!

When we first arrived at the center, the students were greeted on the bus by a science center staff member and given the rules to follow.  Next, we dropped our lunches off and we were ready to start exploring!


The first exhibit the students visited was “Energy City”.  This exhibit taught the students about solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower, fuel cells and biomass products.  The students’ favorite part of this exhibit was playing the energy-saving pinball game.  Other students were also able to see how different “energy savings behaviors” could save money for their family, the country and the earth!

Next, we traveled to the 3D theater to watch the showing of “3D Sun”.  Here are some of the facts that students learned:  “Earth has a magnetosphere that protects it from the sun’s blasts” (Joshua and Jared), “The Sun has many explosions” (Dylan), “The Sun has a mass injection every 11 years, which creates a tiny hole in the Earth’s magnetosphere” (Mia).   Many students stated that the 3D movie was their favorite part of the trip!

Following the movie, we visited three different exhibits.  First, we went to the “Ends of the Earth: From Polar Bears to Penguins”.  This is the newest addition to the science center.  The students were able to travel from one end of the globe to the other and explore the worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic.  Their favorite part of this exhibit seemed to be the penguin slide!


Next, we visited “Sight and Sound Experience” and “Forces in Motion”.  The students were able to use lasers, software, and movements of their body to create music.  In “Forces in Motion”, the students were able to use wind, magnets and robotics

to accomplish different tasks.

We took a break to eat lunch outside at the Riverfront Park and enjoy the beautiful day.

After lunch, we ventured through three more exhibits.  First, we visited the “Sports Lab” and “Health Planet”.  In these exhibits, students were able to have their own personal baseball coach.  They could also learn about prosthetics and their numerous functions.  Many kids took a personality quiz to see which sports were just right for them!


Next, we went to the “Invention Dimension” which was so cool!  Students were able to explore this hands-on gallery that featured inventors and inventions from Connecticut.  We had fun building things, and drawing our own possible inventions.


Our last exhibit was “Exploring Space”.  This exhibit helped us see moon craters up close and even gave us a chance to fly our own spacecraft!  Students had a lot of fun learning about the moon and Mars. 


Our last adventure of the day was in the Science Lab.  Fourth grade classes were separated into two lab rooms where they learned about Electromagnetic Energy.  Students built their own electro-magnets and tested them using one and then two batteries!  They also learned how an MRI machine works and about other machinery that involves the use of coils.

We had a great time at the Science Center and it was an excellent finish to our electricity and magnetism unit!