ArtsAlive awakens children to the love and joy of the arts.

Through experiential programming we seek to inspire in students a lifelong passion
and appreciation for diversity in the broader world and creativity within themselves.

Recipient of 2006 Connecticut Association of Schools “Exemplary Program in
Connecticut Elementary Schools” Award


Programs for 2009-2010:

November:   Harlem Renaissance Tour and Tenement Museum
                        Seventh and Eighth Grades

December:   Deborah Chabrian - Book illustrator/local artist -  Book discussion
                        First Grade

January:       Scott Bricher - Local Artist - figurative Drawing
                        Eighth Grade

February:     Barbara Egenes - Artist-in-Residence

March:           Davyne Verstandig - Poet
                        Second and Fifth Grades

April:              Annabel Clark - Photographer - Workshop
                        Seventh Grade

                        Band Night
                        Fourth through Eighth Grades

                        Hall High School Jazz Band
                        Sixth through Eighth Grades

                        Music Mountain
                        Third Grade

May:               Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour, NYC
                        Sixth Grade

June:             Boogie Chillum American Roots Music
                        Entire School
                        Theater Performance Trip to the Warner Theater
                        First and Second Grades 

In its six-year existence, artsAlive@KCS has sponsored programs including:

School-wide mask making project and town parade
Dixie Land Jazz Concert
Dexter Singleton
The Rama Project
Sankofa Kuumba
Sherman Chamber Ensemble
Andes Manta
Reggie Mara Poetry Workshop
Lynn Redgrave Shakespeare Workshop
Lynn Redgrave Acting Workshop
Annabel Clark Photography Workshop
Davyne Verstandig Poetry Workshop
Wendell Minor
David Zucker Poetry in Motion

In-School Visiting Artists:

Life Drawing

Trips to:

Carnegie Hall
Warner Theater (Momix Dance Premiere)
Lincoln Center and Harlem Renaissance Tour
National Theater of the Performing Arts production of Le Malade Imaginaire
Clark Art Collection and Williamstown College Museum of Art
Sloane-Stanley Museum and Antiques Machinery and Mining Museums
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Book Publishing:

When Pictures Speak
Sloan-Stanley/Reggie Mara book of poetry


The Ronald Viafore artsAlive Scholarship
Eighth Grade Scholarship

ArtsAlive knows that all children are inherently artistic and that arts enrichment programs are essential components of a comprehensive education. We want to expand the world of Kent Center School’s students.  We believe in the principle that the arts play a major role in developing the whole child.  Through the arts we will open doors to a wider world of imagination and experience for our students.

Since our inception in 2003, artsAlive has been run by the volunteer efforts of teachers, parents and community members who believe in our mission.


We have featured a “Dance” theme and programs that included the Rama Project (Indian interpretive storytelling through dance), Sankofa Kuumba (musical journey through the African Diaspora) and a trip to the Warner Theater to see Momix, a company of dance illusionists. 


We also had a school-wide mask making project and town parade, Dixie Land Jazz concert, a life drawing class with local artist Scott Bricher and trips to Carnegie Hall and the National Theater of the Performing Arts.

Over the following years, students also participated in various field trips to Lincoln Center and the Harlem Renaissance tour and the National Theater of the Performing Arts production of Le Malade Imaginaire.

The 2007-09 school years flourished with the “Poetry” theme and each student was given a copy of the book entitled “How To Eat a Poem.”  Teachers happily partook
in a workshop with poet Reggie Mara to enhance their understanding and implementation of the use of poetry
in the classroom.


We watched our students enjoy some wonderful programs during this time including a creative interactive experience with poet and mime David Zucker (entire school), fun with poet and UConn teacher Davyne Verstandig (first and second grades), and musical performances by the Sherman Chamber Ensemble (grades four to six) and Andes Manta, a South American musical group (entire student body.)


ArtsAlive was fortunate to have renowned actress and playwright Lynn Redgrave offer her expertise to the seventh and eighth grade classes in a Shakespeare workshop.  She also engaged third graders in
an interactive acting workshop.

Additionally, seventh graders partook in one-of-a-kind workshops with photographer Annabel Clark culminating in a special exhibition of their work with original accompanying poetry entitled When Pictures Speak.  These students were surprised when they each received a special copy of a book containing the photos and poetry from the exhibition for them to cherish for years to come.


Other unforgettable programs during this time included a cartooning workshop with local artist Scott Bricher, pottery with Curtis Scofield, trips to the Harlem Renaissance Museum, the Clark Art Collection and Williamstown College Museum of Art in Massachusetts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Sloane-Stanley Museum Antiques Machinery and Mining Museums.

We at artsAlive are proud of the diverse and inspirational programming we have been able to provide to KCS students.  We are also proud to provide two scholarships a year: one to a deserving former KCS student graduating high school  and pursuing a college degree in the arts  (the Ronald Viafore ArtsAlive Scholarship) and another to an eighth grade graduate who shows an interest in the arts.

Funding for the artsAlive projects primarily depends upon support from individuals in the Kent community as well as grants.



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ArtsAlive Executive Board
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Niva Clark,   Secretary

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