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On January 6, 2006 all students in grades 1-8 attended a dress rehearsal of Lunar Sea at the Warner Theater in Torrington. artsALIVE@KCS sponsored the trip to the performance by the Connecticut-based dance troupe, Momix.
Before attending the performance, students created a web that made connections between the title of the show and prior knowledge from various classes.

After their return, students used sticky notes to indicate where they saw connections between their pre-show brainstorming and what they saw in the performance.

Momix dancers Tim Melady and
Danielle McFall spent two full days in January working with KCS students (and teachers) during Marci Perotti’s physical education classes.
The dancers engaged students in several activities that enhanced their appreciation for the creative process as well for as the athleticism required by dancers.
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Building on this school-wide experience:

  • Art classes studied depictions of dancers by the masters and have worked with a local artist on figure drawings.
  • French classes watched Marcel Marceau communicate through movement and also learned some French non-verbal communication (body language).
  • Teachers have begun participating in a weekly dance group after school for their own fitness and well-being.
  • Students in grades 3-8 learned line dances in physical education classes.
  • Some music classes learned about step-dancing.
  • Other music classes listened to classical dance music.

The following comments from students sum up several of the concepts that students internalized from this experience.

“To do their type of dance you need to be flexible. They also told us that we needed to concentrate.”
Grade 4

“They communicated that we need to be confident and believe in ourselves by showing us hard things that at first we could not do. But we did it and we created a dance by ourselves.”
Grade 5

“Tim and Danielle taught me about not being embarrassed and just having fun! They also taught about dance by communicating … with their body and facial expressions instead of words.”
Grade 5

“They taught me that dance takes a lot of practice. You have to be very strong.”
Grade 7

“Anyone can start dancing any time, any age. Guys can dance and girls can dance. Dance is pretty much a sport.”
Grade 7