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On March 20, 2008 Andes Manta rocked Kent Center School with the pulsing beat of their South American music.  The performance was part of a series of workshops and performances focused on the theme of poetry for the 2007-2009 school years.
One class wrote the following response to the event:

The Rhythm
Our eyes and ears were open
To the sounds of the instruments
As we felt the rhythm
Deep inside;
Sharing a new culture
Brought us an experience,
That we will carry
In our memory;
As we left the concert

Our hearts were beating with the melody of the music.
The students were intrigued by the sounds of the guitar, quena (Andean flute), and pan pipes and were interested to learn that the four Lopez brothers make their own instruments.

Third graders, who studied the rain forest as part of their regular curriculum this year, wrote:



Created by hand and made from...
goat’s toenails
a conch shell
carved rock and wood
an armadillo’s shell;
Brought forth sound

That made us want to stand up
and dance.

The Rain Forest
As we traveled to the rain forest
Through the magic of the music,
We heard…
Birds singing
Thunder rumbling
Snakes rattling
Monkeys calling
Rain dripping
Wind swishing
Frogs croaking
Puddles splashing:
It was an awesome experience!


Later, the musicians invited Kent Center students onto the stage to play some of the percussion instruments.  One of these students later wrote, “I liked this because not only did I have a great time being on stage, but I know my classmates enjoyed it too.”

The highlight of the performance was undoubtedly when KCS teachers
joined the group on stage.

The students were on their feet clapping and dancing to the music. 
After the show, students stated:
“I loved seeing the teachers dance and play the instruments.”
“It was so fun to watch the teachers do something other than teach.”
“I think it gave the teachers a chance to relax and let loose.”
“It was fun to see how interested they (the teachers) were.”


“It’s always fun to have live music in school. It’s really fun to interact with music."

“It helps me learn more about culture outside and within America.  It helps me have a wider variety of music and art.  I hope that KCS continues to do ArtsAlive.  It is a great learning experience that is also fun.”

“I love seeing other people’s culture and learning new things about art, music and acting.”

“I think different kinds of music
are a great chance for kids to

experience other cultures and enjoy it.  Thank you for this.”

“Please!  It’s so much fun learning about cultures and their music.  Thank You!”